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Danish artist Albert Grøndahl (b. 1986) weaves together motif, subjectivity and storytelling in the creation of his works. Using as his vantage point a personal, sometimes unorthodox, photographic foundation, Grøndahl sees photography as a process where artistic ideas can be shaped and changed in an inner archaeology, whether in the encounter with a place, in the sourcing of a material, in the analysis, in the written essay or in physical processing of the work in the darkroom. His process manifests itself across exhibition formats, in book productions and in architecture, in an unending cycle of connection and replacement.  


As an artist he is interested in the equilibrium between artist and society, and he has a keen focus on how his impressions and expressions can benefit his surroundings.  He wants to create works which offer us new ways of looking at ourselves, using topics such as ecology, psychiatry and history as windows, and he endeavors to create lasting relationships with both subjects and audience through a cyclical process of research and response. As a result, Grøndahl’s works are not only socially engaging and foster empathy and self-reflection in their creation and manifestation, but also ensure that his practice is anchored in the future.  


In October 2022 Brigade will open Grøndahl’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.