Two artists will do a crit where they present to each other three of their own art works. Old or new, the works should be chosen based on how they relate to the artists’ experience of the past six months. Images of the chosen work should be shared before the crit. 


The crit is done either in person or online and is recorded. Both artists will answer each of the below questions during the crit. Try to keep your replies to less than five minutes long. 


To add an element of the unknown, a question will be given to each artist before their crit. The questions are chosen randomly from a pool. After each crit the participants can add a question each to the pool. 


The video from the crit will be shown in its entirety, formatted so that each artist occupy half of the screen. When exhibited the interview will be screened with the three art works by each artist hanging in separate spaces on either side of the screen.

  -  Who are you and how is your day? 
  -  Why did you select these pieces? 
  -  How do you feel about my work? 
  -  What’s your response to your question? 
  -  What’s next? 

If the artists have the time and inclination the crit can be based on two art works by each artist, who afterwards will produce a new, and third, piece in reaction to the crit.