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Galvin Harrison (b.1956) is an Irish artist who currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds an MFA from Camberwell School of Art in London.


Working within a fluid yet cohesive visual language, Harrison’s body of work is instantly recognisable in their expression and format. Still, as a natural consequence of Harrison’s practice his output can take many forms from the sculptural to paintings and installations to name but a few.

A primary reason for this material fluidity within Harrison’s body of work is due to his collaborative process which can add a multitude of forms.

These collaborations are produced under the banner of Galvin Harrison + T.N.G (The Next Generation), which is a community-based project initiated by Harrison in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen.

Galvin Tight Edit 9.jpg

The project seeks to change and improve the lives and futures of local young persons of Middle Eastern origin. One of the underlying and problematic issues that affects these young people is the social and stigmatic view of the indigenous Middle Eastern migrant and the impact it sadly and necesarrily has on the formation of their personal identities. Seeking positive change through the vital and inspirational forms of art, science and language, T.N.G’s objective is to relate the construction of the individual participants artworks to a space for creative and free expression unhinged and unaffected by the negative impulses the youth face.

On 20 January 2022 Galvin Harrison + T.N.G will open the duo exhibition ‘The People Who Came From The Sea’ together with Eliyah Mesayer.

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