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We are excited that Andrea Villalón’s solo exhibition with Brigade “The Shelter of Meaning” has been featured by critic Bente Scavenius in the most recent edition of Børsen Weekend: 2 July 2021

English Translation below:

“From the very start, Brigade Gallery on Vesterbrogade 75 in Copenhagen has been curating a programme of international artists who are up-and-coming (and therefore somewhat unknown) in this country. And this can be refreshing, as it is with the current exhibition by Mexican artist Andrea Villalón (b. 1995), who is now based in London. Until 11 July, Andrea Villalón will be exhibiting a Brigade a selection of photorealistic paintings, which depict a personal, somewhat surreal universe, where you get close to the artist's everyday life, albeit in the absence of the artist herself. Personal objects from the private sphere fill the canvas, as if they were modern still lives, filled with absence as well as presence.”

- Bente Scavenius

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