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Brigade is proud to present ‘Denali F1 Batwing Baby Bear Baby Boo’, a solo exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Petra Cortright (b.1986, USA) opening 12 August 5 - 8 pm.

Cortright’s core practice is the creation and distribution of digital and physical images using commercially available software, ranging from her early Youtube self-portrait videos to her Photoshop manipulations of images appropriated form the internet, printed onto two-dimensional archival surfaces, projected onto existing architecture, or mechanically carved from stone. 

For the artist's second solo exhibition with Brigade, Cortright will present new digital paintings depicting an abstract natural world with detailed images of blossoming flowers, dark clouds and endless harvesting fields placed within multiple frames and on top of architectural grids. The paintings are created through continuous overlaying and distortion of found imagery and digital brushstrokes which are then captured as physical works printed on anodized aluminum, Belgian linen and glossy paper. The result are works which appear both complex and dynamic, but which settle as harmonious, simple and aesthetic – true to Cortright’s insistence that beauty itself can be the objective.

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