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Brigade is pleased to present the opening of ‘The Birds’, a solo exhibition by American artist Garrett Pruter (b. 1987, Los Angeles).

Emerging from Garrett Pruter’s appropriation of Alfred Hitchcock's iconic thriller 'The Birds' (1963), the show centers around an ambitious, ongoing work in which Pruter laboriously re-edits the original film to remove all the birds. Employing frame-by-frame digital painting, rotoscoping, and sound editing, Pruter’s contemporary reimagining shifts the film’s context, distorting its narrative by erasing the perceived threat.

‘The Birds’ (2023) utilizes the force of projection to provide a stark commentary on collective fear, anxiety, and the fragility of the human psyche. Alongside this video work, Pruter will present a new series of montage and sequential prints, foregrounding the effects of his erasure and reconstruction.

The show refers back to an earlier instalment of Pruter's re-edited film exhibited at Trafalgar Avenue, London (May 2022), as well as other strands of Pruter's interdisciplinary practice, in particular abstract canvas works that emerge from reconstructions of found vernacular images. 'The Birds' is Pruter's second exhibition at the gallery. Pruter holds an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (2020) and currently lives and works in London.

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