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Brigade is pleased to present ‘Nature Entangled’ an online exhibition in which five gallery artists examine the crosspoints of nature and technology and presents works that engages the current discussions on contemporary global ecology.

Ry David Bradley’s tapestries of French landscapes are first produced digitally, using pixels in lieu of pointillism, and thereafter woven with an acrylic thread. This realization of the digital format into a physical one ensures the durability of the piece for more than 300 years, compared to the 30-50 year range the digital file will last if not updated. The interplay between the digital and the physical world continues in Petra Cortright’s floral pieces, produced entirely in programmes before being printed on anodized aluminium and thereby manifested as physical artefacts. Kristian Touborg’s sculptural works questions the role of technology in nature by the use of 3D print and synthetic materials and creates a dialogue between the past, present and future world. In Nicole Coson’s Exeunt, 2021 the artist duplicates and manipulates images of tropical scenes from her childhood home in Manila in order to recreate personal memories and simultaneously investigate their inherent instability. Garrett Pruter modifies the nature of meaning and material itself, by scraping the colour layers of stacks of c-prints of fire and sky, turning them into abstract paintings that highlight the changing essence of all natural elements. Go to the online exhibition and see full list of works here.

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