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The gallery is proud to announce that on 04 June 2021 we will present the debut European solo-exhibition by Mexican painter and glass artist Andrea Villalón.

Interested in exploring the complex web of issues surrounding intimacy and representation, Villalón’s unflinching and surreal self-portraits are based on a diagnostic analysis of her own changing internal conditions.

“My paintings are the record of the time, my time. Each image is a scene in my life like a scene from a movie. The protagonists are the objects that I own or possessed, the light that I saw and that saw me back, the spaces that I live emotionally and literally, my furniture, my food, everything. They are also self-portraits, although sometimes you don’t see me. My paintings are my reflection and my witness. They are also the dark side of myself, where old secrets dwell and come to light when I paint and then study to get to know myself better. “ - Andrea Villalón

In addition to her painting practice, in 2016 Villalón founded the digital and physical exhibition platform @conchaelectrica which continues to build a sense of community and provide important visibility for underrepresented women artists working internationally.

Villalón is currently exchanging thoughts and ideas about how to promote female artists and their platforms with Bianca Menna/Tomaso Binga, who shares the same pursuit. This exchange by letter will be published on the occasion of Menna’s solo-exhibition at Brigade in October.

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