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Brigade is thrilled to announce that on 15 July we will present: “I Copy Therefore I Am”, the debut Scandinavian solo exhibition by American artist Eric Doeringer (b. 1974).

Since the early 2000s Doeringer has been producing faithful miniature facsimiles of some of the most heralded works of Western contemporary art, as part of his ongoing “Bootleg” Series.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the counterfeit luxury handbag sellers working on Canal Street in NY, Doeringer began to apply a similar ideology to the artworks exhibited in Soho’s blue-chip galleries. However, he is keen to distinguish his transparent intentions towards homage from any wilful deceit or forgery.

Often favouring works that themselves have a strong conceptual grounding, Doeringer’s practice is a conscious reflection on the murky delineation between sanctioned appropriation and unapproved fakery in an art-world that is often more concerned with authenticity than imagery.

For his exhibition at Brigade, Doeringer will present a signature series of painted reproductions that continues his project of making iconic fine-art imagery accessible to a wider public.

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