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Brigade is thrilled to announce that on 21 August we will be presenting a duo exhibition by Nicole Coson (b. 1992) and Garrett Pruter (b. 1987).

Both based in London, the two artists each incorporate painting, installation, digital imagery and performative elements into their respective practices, and share an interest in the aesthetics of that which is seen but remains unexamined.

Creating works that act as “architectural interventions” into familiar spaces, Coson investigates how ideas of visibility or concealment inform our contemporary understanding of memory, trauma and identity.

Similarly interested to explore how the disappearance of images or the overlooking of absurd phenomena informs our experience of late-capitalism, Pruter frequently returns to images that appear “endlessly recycled and reconfigured.”

For their exhibtion in August, the gallery looks forward to presenting the first series of collaborative works to be produced by Coson and Pruter, as well as new works by each of the artists individually.

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