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Brigade is happy to present Albert Grøndahl’s first solo exhibition with Brigade ‘Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold’, opening 27 October 2022.

Grøndahl’s (b. 1985, Denmark) research-driven approach understands personal archive and classification as a dynamic set of relations, unpacking and deconstructing narratives, processes of memorialization, and witnessing as a way of recontextualizing the fragmented past.

His work vibrates within multiple temporalities involving the past, its decay, and the encounter with its traces. It refers to ruination, to the materiality of being, to an order of ephemerality by which we are partially constituted. It deals with the gaps between things, the dirt trapped between floor tiles. The results of slow processes of life and death, chaos and construction.

Nowhere is this more present than in Grøndahl’s ongoing exploration of the enclosed garden, the hortus conclusus, as a conceptual, symbolic, and architectural form. Uniting within itself an assemblage of disparate aspects, the enclosed garden seeks to understand the landscape it denies, explain the world it excludes, and bring in the nature it fears.

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