Uncovering the obscure thoughts of intuition and Japanese calligraphy booklets.


10 ark, a photographic and design collaboration between photographer, Simon Heger Knudsen and model and artist Frederikke Sofie. After being introduced by mutual friends, Simon and Frederikke found an interest and overlap in one another’s creative projects, prompting a desire to explore a working relationship.


Chance, in the form of an old Japanese calligraphy booklet, led the pair to what was to give their project shape and form. In 10 ark, you will find the same reverence for texture, layering and structure as Simon and Frederikke uncovered in the delicate pages of the Japanese booklet nestling on Simon’s bookshelf.


Intuition guided Simon and Frederikke to Asserbo, a seaside town on the Northern coast of Denmark. The pine forest by the beach is a haven for Frederikke, who has spent much time in contemplation beneath its prickly canopy. In 10 ark, Simon and Frederikke document Frederikke’s relationship to this forest and its surroundings, evoking the grounding that nature provides us during a time of change and uncertainty.


Taking a cue from a translation of the calligraphy on the front cover of Simon’s Japanese booklet, 10 ark is a photographic publication of ten sheets, printed, arranged and structured through analogue methods by Simon and Frederikke. The publication includes a handprint and a handmade poster.


10 ark is inspired by Japanese calligraphy paper and by the old computer and printer that belong to Simon’s mum. The project was driven by chance and intuition.


Produced in 25 editions.


10 ark was released 08.04.2022 in Brigade Gallery Store. 

10 ark By Simon Heger Knudsen and Frederikke Sofie

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