GLOSSY PAGES, HARD GLISTERING PEARLS is a high paced and poetic text about attitude adjustment. Divided into nine sections, each consisting of scattershot poetic phrases and serpentine but honest and critical prose, the text explores matters such as Kantian ‘disinterestedness’, rave, concrete poetry, perfume, Kathy Acker’s explanation of being a bodybuilder, functions of art, advertising and dopamin.The complete work reads as a disapproval of ordinary language and reliance on reason. The work reads as a personal solution that looks like a pleasure trip into lightheaded contemplation, lightheaded being and making.


It is with both self-irony and desperation in her voice that Amanda Lydért delivers this piece, as if to proclaim or demand her love for the surface. Her love for hollow coconuts and airbags in Ibiza.

Published in October 2021
22,5 x 31 cm (softcover)
96 pages (ill.)


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