Taking inspiration from the Major Arcana set of tarot cards (the 22 trump cards in a standard 78-card pack) Berenike Corcuera re-combines traditional occultist imagery with contemporary motifs and an emphatic focus on vibrance and tactility. 


Incorporating recycled fabric swatches alongside hand-painted illustrations and holographic elements, Corcuera’s particular method of artistic production is also heavily informed by variants of Mola technique. 


This specific method of appliqué stitching is connected to the artist’s own South American heritage and provides a conceptual framework to consider gendered biases towards craft technique as well as the aesthetics of diaspora in Corcuera’s practice. 


Each measuring 38 x 25 cm, these new Taroracles are available from our onsite bookstore or to ship internationally. 


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Berenike Corcuera - XII The Hanged Man, Taroracle Book Card Collection

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