Clubhouse is a collaborative comic anthology series started by Colorama (Berlin) that features risograph-printed call-and-response comics. The guiding idea of it being to create a platform that brings different artists together and inviting them to share their work and creative processes with each other.


Clubhouse #14 includes contributions by Elsa Klée, Adriana Marineo, Whitney Bursch, Heather Loase, Ane Barstad Solvang, Vincent Longhi, Momo Gordon, Nygel Panasco, Ibticem Larbi, Karla Paloma, Marlena Synchyshyn, Kyle Canyon, Julia Bates, JG and Maya Strobbe. Concept Johanna Maierski. Design Tetyana Herych. Cover illustration Anna Haifisch.


17,5x25cm, 188 pages, risoprinted in black, medium blue, pink, metallic gold and yellow, perfect binding with glue and shiny cover.

Clubhouse #14

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