Eric Doeringer

Andy Warhol (Flowers Blue/Green), 2021

Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas

25.4 x 20.3 cm


Eric Doeringer sold his first Bootleg paintings in 2001 on the sidewalks outside of galleries in New York. Their small size made them easy to carry around and kept the cost of materials low, and selling them outside of Gagosian, Zwirner or Art Basel added elements of performance and art installation to his practice. 


What had started as an artistic approach modelled on the handbag street vendors of New York evolved into a more complete artistic exploration and questioning of the historic roles of ownership, authenticity, and originality within the art industry.


It is important to underscore that the Bootlegs are not fakes, they are sold under Doeringer’s name and are as honest about their inspiration as their materials; if anything they are homages to art in general. After all, the “copies” that Doeringer creates exists in a different space, are made from different molecules, and are younger than the originals.


Eric Doeringer (b. 1974) is an American contemporary artist who is based in LA. Doeringer holds a BA from Brown University 1996 and completed an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 1999.

Eric Doeringer - Andy Warhol (Flowers Blue/Green), 2021

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