Eva Hesse: Spectres and Studiowork documents the exhibition of the same name by one of the twentieth century's most critically acclaimed and influential artists at Kukje Gallery, Seoul (Korea).


Curated by renowned Hesse scholars Briony Fer and E. Luanne McKinnon and Barry Rosen, Director of The Estate of Eva Hesse, the exhibition included sculptures and wall works that were drawn from two critically acclaimed recent surveys: “Eva Hesse Spectres 1960” and “Eva Hesse: Studiowork.”


The focus of the exhibition provided an unprecedented opportunity to experience both recent surveys in a condensed format, exploring both of these powerful bodies of work that are finally receiving the critical attention they deserve.


First, the exhibition examined the paintings Hesse made shortly after her graduation from Yale University when she moved to a new studio in New York in 1960. Hesse completed an astonishing 48 paintings in 1960 and 20 are on view at Kukje Gallery. This remarkable body of work was never exhibited during Hesse’s lifetime and reveals a vitally important part of her evolution as she moved away from abstraction to striking semi-figurative subjects that show her relentless exploration of the psychology of self.

Eva Hesse

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