This number is a special edition of Victor B. Andersen's Maskinfabrik.
Victor B. Andersen’s Maskinfabrik is an experimental Danish cross-artistic magazine, first published in 1975.
 The keyword to describe Victor B. Andersen’s Maskinfabrik is poetry.


About Issue 75:

Today (December 26, 2020) Kenn André Stilling turns 75 years old. In addition to his main occupation, which is to be a visual artist, he has since 1975 published 72 issues of the cultural magazine Victor B. Andersen's Maskinfabrik. He has been the editor of them all.


The pirate issue 75 features contributions from a long list of friends and acquaintances, from collaborators, artists, poets, writers, and a handful of family members.


Edited by Oliver Stilling, Victor Stilling and Japan Jacobsen

160 pages
630 g
29,7 x 21,0 x 1,2 cm

Victor B. Andersen's Maskinfabrik

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