This artist's book questions the status of the image in the digital era through a reinterpretation of a classical subject in art history: flowers and the female figure. Images of flowers and women are associated with the backgrounds of a city landscape, including photographs of the Capitol Records building in LA.

In this book, which is part of a larger body of work started in 2016, Parker Ito manipulates images that he has taken himself, by superimposing, reframing, deconstructing them, and at times even altering them. He questions the status of the image in this digital era and the different modes of representation, and tackles this in a relevant manner through his study of a classical subject in art history: flowers to which is added the female figure. Flowers and the female figure contrast with one another, against the background of a telescoped visual of the city, which suggests the end of the image in its singular form, until its very own dissolution, physically perceptible.

Parker Ito is an American multimedia artist, whose work is associated with “post-internet” art.

Graphic design: Mould Map Studio
Published by RRose Editions, Paris, in September 2017
No text
21,6 x 28 cm (softcover, transparent dust jacket)
248 pages (color ill.)

Parker Ito - Capitol Records Shit Toots

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