Raymond Pettibon (Los Angeles, USA)
Selected Works From 1982 To 2011


Co-Published with Nieves, 2020
Second Edition
14 x 20 cm
32 pages
Offset printed


Engaging with a wide-range of American iconography including references to popular culture, sports, philosophy, art-history and literature, Raymond Pettibon's practice merges text and image often to darkly ironic effect. Exploring the visual and critical potential of drawing Pettibon demonstrates an affinity with eighteenth and ninettenth century traditions of political satire whilst re-inforcing the importance of the medium within contemporary art. First gaining notoriety with his graphic work for seminal punk band Black Flag, today the artist is represented by David Zwirner and is among the most critically acclaimed visual artists of his generation.

Raymond Pettibon - Selected Works from 1982 to 2011

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