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Tomaso Binga/Bianca Menna is a multidisciplinary artist and one of the leading figures in visual poetry. Her practice involves collage, type writing, painting, performance. Binga deals with verbal-visual writing and is among the leading figures of Italian phonetic-sound-performance poetry and of Italian Feminist Art.

During her prolific career, she has participated in exhibitions, festivals and performances throughout Italy and internationally. She has also participated in the 38th Venice Biennale, the 14th Sao Paulo Biennial, and the International Art Festival in Lyon..


Tomaso Binga/Bianca Menna was born in 1931 in Salerno, Italy and currently lives in Rome.

Binga was a Professor of Theory and Method of Mass Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone. An active cultural organiser, Binga has - since 1974 - directed the cultural association "Lavatoio Contumaciale" in Rome.

Selected exhibitions include:


”Tomaso Binga – A Silenced Victory” Mimosa House, London, 2019,“The Unexpected Subject. 1978, Art and Feminism in Italy.” FM Centro per l’Atre Contemporanea, Milan; ”The Body as Language. Body Art and performance. What is left", Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna e contemporanea, Roma, 2017; "Televisionario. Francesco Vezzoli guarda la RAI", Fondazione Prada, 2017; "MAGMA. Body and words in female art in Italy and Lithuania 1965-2016", National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017; "Per-formare una collezione", Museo Madre, Napoli, 2013; "Anni '70/Arte a Roma", Palazzo delle Esposizioni, 2013; "Sogno uno mondo ch'è maschile trasformarsi al femminile”, Museo S. Elmo, Napoli, 2012; "Materializzazione del linguaggio", Biennale Venezia, 1978

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T for Tomaso: Breaking Down the Radical Work of Feminist Tomaso Binga 

APRIL 2020

Tomaso Binga, the groundbreaking feminist performance artist speaks about her remarkable career, from the 1970s to today

MARCH 2020

Body Language: Tomaso Binga


Tomaso Binga, the Radical Feminist Artist Who Married Herself


The Radical Italian Artist Who Married Her Male Pseudonym

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