04 MARCH 2021

The gallery will be closed from 01 March whilst we undergo renovation work and general spring cleaning (brand new floors here we come).


Brigade will be re-opening after Easter with a full exhibition programme for the rest of the year; we are excited to share more with you about some of our fantastic upcoming collaborations.


Watch this space for more news soon. Until then, have a great March from all of us at the gallery.

20 FEBRUARY 2021

Congratulations to the artist and poet Bianca Menna who is celebrating her 90th birthday today. 


Working under the pseudonym Tomaso Binga since 1977, Bianca Pucciarelli Menna (b. 1931 in Salerno, Italy) first adopted the masculine moniker to subvert the artworld’s sexist bias against women artists. 

We are honoured to announce that in Autumn 2021, Brigade will present the first solo exhibition in Scandinavia by Tomaso Binga. The exhibition will be an extensive survey of Binga's prolific career, displaying historic pieces alongside a new body of work created especially for the show. 

We very much look forward to the collaboration. Buon compleanno Bianca! 

22 JANUARY 2021


Speaking to the compulsive and repetitive habits we find ourselves gravitating towards in times of restriction and solitude, the garish and somewhat sinister appearance of Nowak’s performative persona resembles both an impotent puppet-master and a puppet without a guiding influence. Nowak’s work reminds us not only of a Sisyphean punishment but also of Penelope's shroud-weaving in its repetitive rhythm and the meditative, self-absorbed nature of its gestures. At the same time, the performance's placement in the hyper-visible space of the gallery’s first-floor windows raises important questions about internal and external division and the inter-relation between estrangement, well-being, exclusion and assimilation. Find more about it here.


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