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Brigade runs an artist's residency programme in Havana, Cuba. The programme was founded in 2019 and is the first internationally driven of its kind in Cuba. Havana sits at the fault line of history and of differing world views, and its unique history and circumstances makes it an important vantage point from which to explore and build bridges and new lines of communication. Brigade’s Havana residency functions as node for the exchange of thought and practises between artists, and seeks to serve as a platform for artist development, experimentation and research. The residency is located in a beautifully renovated villa in the 20th century residential neighbourhood of Vedado, Havana, and includes bedrooms, studios and a large rooftop terrace. The residency has a full time staff, and our local residency manager organises a visiting programme for every visiting artist. The residency is primarily aimed at artists from the European Union, and the participants are invited by the gallery. It is not currently open for applications. For any enquiries about the residency, please contact


Coline Marotta (FR)

Martin Gallone (FR)

Theodor Nymark (DK)

Eske Kath (DK)

Jonas Bjerre (DK)

Lulu Refn (DK)

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